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Art Advisory

Kennedy Fine Art combines expert market and art historical knowledge to provide considered advice with a long-term view :

  • Collection Advisory : new and established collectors, looking to build entire collections or to find rare works
  • Collection Management : logistical management, insurance, storage, customs & export, hanging, restoration etc.
  • Art Investment
  • Art Fund Advisory


  • We have helped clients build investment levels collections of a value $10m+
  • We are as excited about helping new collectors start on their journey as assisting seasoned collectors to find a rare masterpiece
  • Our advisory service is charged on a case-by-base basis or with a monthly or annual retainer
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Corporate Art Collection

Kennedy Fine Art provides small and large companies with tailor-made Art Collection management, including :

  • Definition of an Identity for the Collection – expressing Core Values of the Business
  • Sourcing, negotiation and purchase of works
  • Logistical Management : shipping, insurance, framing, hanging, conservation etc.
  • Collection Integration : in-office art tours/events for clients or staff, documentation, catalogue
  • VIP Client Relations : VIP tours of art fairs, museums or galleries with Art Market Expert


  • Our current clients include media agencies and law firms
  • A well curated art collection can provide a unique client experience and differentiate your company
  • Art in the work place is proven to facilitate communication between employees and stimulate productivity
  • Our fees are charged as a monthly or annual retainer

Collection On-boarding

Kennedy Fine Art moves your collection to the digital era which allows you to:

  • Manage and connect with your collection anytime, anywhere
  • Access all the details of your artworks in a matter of seconds
  • Have a 100% secure and controlled access to your collection


  • We are in partnership with Collectrium, the leading digital collection management solution
  • We have on-boarded important private and corporate collections with more than 1500 artworks
  • Once we have on-boarded your collection, we will personalise the platform to your needs and organise an exclusive user-training session with Collectrium
  • We also provide the option of off-site Collection management for clients who wish to benefit from an out-sourced administration service.
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Private Sales

Kennedy Fine Art provides a tailor-made brokerage service for clients wishing to privately buy or sell art. We place importance on:

  • 100% confidentiality
  • Private Provenance
  • Due diligence for authenticity, conservation reports and Art Loss Register
  • A close network of collectors and trusted art advisors


  • Our current clients include some of the most important private collections, art funds and foundations in Europe
  • Kennedy Fine Art has carried out private sales on works in the range of $500’000-$1million, including artists such as Anselm Kiefer and Albert Oehlen
  • Our fees are included in the sale price and only charged in case of sale


Kennedy Fine Art provides professional, industry-recognised valuations for the following purposes :

  • Insurance Valuations
  • Current Market Value
  • Inheritance Division
  • Collateral Loan Valuations


  • We provide carefully researched, analytical reports with due diligence indicators for questions of authenticity
  • Our current clients include banks, financial institutions as well as private individuals
  • Kennedy Fine Art has carried out valuations totalling over $50million in value to date
  • Our valuation fees are based on an hourly or fixed rate and never linked to the value of the collection