How do you charge for your advisory services?

You would be concerned if your lawyer said he was charging his fees to the adverse party. Yet this is how many advisors work today, charging their fee to a gallery or third party. At KFA we work for you; therefore we charge you directly for our advisory services, guaranteeing transparency in transactions and eliminating conflict of interest.

How do you transact with galleries?

In a world where access is everything, we privilege building a long-term relationship for you with the gallery. Transactions are therefore made in your name (unless you wish to remain anonymous), thus you benefit directly from invitations to gallery dinners, VIP fair passes, studio visits and access to work.

What is your fee structure?

For one-off purchases or sales KFA charges a commission generally starting around 10%. This figure increases or decreases depending on the value of the work. For larger collections and long-term clients, we offer monthly and annual retainer fees tailor-made to your collecting needs.

Where are your clients based?

KFA works with private collectors and institutions throughout Europe, with a strong client base in London, Zurich, Brussels, Berlin and Geneva, where we are based. The art world is international and we are present where and whenever our clients need us.

What type of art work do you specialize in?

KFA is specialized in Western Art covering the Impressionist Modern and Post-War periods up to Cutting Edge Contemporary Art. Our company has carried our transactions and valuations on exceptional works by artists such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Richard Serra, Frank Stella, Christopher Wool and Anselm Kiefer.

How do you charge for your valuation services?

In order to retain neutrality in the valuation process, KFA charges an hourly or flat-rate fee that is not related to the value of the art work or collection.

Do you provide Collateral Loans on art work?

KFA does not directly provide collateral loans, however we can assist you in obtaining financial liquidity on your art through our privileged connections with the most respected international service providers in this domain.

Do you authenticate works?

Although KFA does not authenticate works, we can assist you in finding the recognized industry expert and accompany you or carry out the authentication process on your behalf.