Swiss Emerging Artist Prize

We are honoured that Societe Generale Private Banking Switzerland (SGPBS) chose Kennedy Fine Art for the creation and execution of the Swiss Emerging Artist Prize, an exciting new prize which will take place every two years. 

A prestigious jury of art world professionals including, Simon de Pury, Andrea Bellini (Centre d’art contemporain), Elena Filipovic (Kunsthalle Basel), Staffan Ahrenberg (Cahiers d’art) and Aurélie Deplus (Société Générale) came together to select this year’s winner.

Hannah Weinberger, won against a strong panel of finalists, including Vittorio Brodmann, Timothée Calame, Sonia Kacem and Marco Scorti.

“The SGPBS Swiss Emerging Artist Prize means so much to me. It is both an incredible spotlight on my work and a precious support for my future projects” says Hannah on finding out she was the winner of the award.